How Sikh Guy Became The Brand Ambassador Of Friday Weekend?

Friday AA Viral Meme

It’s Friday! Fridays are one of our favorite days of the week because it means the workweek is done, and we get to enjoy a glass of beer and gedi-shedi with your friends.

A viral video from a Punjabi guy listening to Diljit Dosanjh’s songs in the background and shouting about Fridayyy “Pen***d Friday ha Friday”. It became a sensation in no time as every office guy knows that the frustration of the entire week will end on Friday and he can Chill and Netflix or do whatever he/she wants.

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Many celebrities share that video and even Diljit mimics him in his concerns in Jalandhar and Gurgaon.

Friday AA Viral Meme - Men T Shirt

As memes became viral demand for Friday Viral T Shirt that meme is shot up and Punjabi Adda creates extremely creative designs around them and delivered them to the youth.

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vFriday AA Viral Meme - Men T Shirt

We say most of the young generation partying during the weekend wearing the Friday Lord T Shirt and it became a trend in the younger generation.

Friday AA Viral Meme - Men T Shirt

You can find Friday T Shirt with this meme exclusively on and even check out more collections of fantabulous designs from which you can choose what to wear on Friday. Also If you have design in your Mind Like Friday and you want to customize your own t shirt then feel free to talk to our expert.

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